Hampton Bowl Company provides premium wooden bowls made by craftsmen. Our bowls are homemade and handmade with the professional quality you deserve.  You will find a variety of bowls types ranging from salad bowls, soup bowls, and utility bowls. 

Salad Bowl Serving Guide: Choose from 7" individual serving bowls, 10" to serve a large restaurant style salad to 1-2 people, 12" will serve 3-4, 15" to serve 6-8, and our largest 17" bowl serves 10-12.

What is the Hampton Bowl Company

The Hampton Bowl Company is focused on creating one-of-a-kind wooden bowls from the unique and varied tree species found locally. Through the art of woodturning, our goal is to expose the hidden beauty that lies beneath the bark, and handcraft a piece that can be appreciated and used for years to come.